Libertarian Conman

the tale of
Gavin Seim

There is an unfortunate stereotype about refugee claimants from the United States. That the level of protection necessary is, in fact, unnecessary and that the complaints of claimants from the United States are trivial or do not merit protection. Fraudulent claimants like Gavin Seim do not help in dispelling this notion.

Gavin Seim is a man who has a lot of "notions". In other words, he believes in a lot of crazy things that have no basis in reality. He believes that any expectations that people adhere to the social contract in any way is "tyranny". That accepting the consequences of your actions is akin to "walking into the gas chambers".

documents filed

To give you an appropriate timeline of how the court case went down before Gavin absconded to Mexico, it is important to get a timeline of events leading up to Gavin choosing to start livin' la vida fugitiva.


the arrest

For Gavin Seim, it was a normal day of harassing innocent people with his video camera.

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the motion to compel

On the 25th of October 2017, Prosecutor Marc Dano filed a Motion to Compel Gavin to unlock his phone. Given the fact that Gavin associates with other habitual criminals such as the Bundy ranchers and Ernie Tertelge, this obviously concerned him. After all, prosecutors might find contact details for co-conspirators, crimes that are currently planned or have already been committed, and other concerning things.

While we can't know for certain what is actually on the phone, Gavin's criminal associations and conduct make it a likely treasure trove of criminal knowledge.

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motion to admit prior acts of defendant

Given that Gavin is a serial nuisance and criminal, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Marc Fedorak filed a motion to the court to admit Gavin's felonious history into the court record.

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motion to dismiss

Gavin filed his own motion with the court. He filed a pitiful Motion to Dismiss, claiming all sorts of nonsense. He claimed that there is a "lack of evidence" for the crimes he committed, that the things he did are okay because freedom of speech makes harassment okay, that he somehow didn't obstruct the police when they were trying to find a missing child.

Download Gavin's Motion to Dismiss

how court went

In case you were wondering what was actually said by Gavin in court, we have the audio.